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April 19, 2012
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MM: Ryuuen Tanaka by ryuuen MM: Ryuuen Tanaka by ryuuen
Name: Ryuuen Tanaka 「田中柳縁」
Age: 18 yro
Date of Birth: October 21st
Gender: Male
Year Level: 1st year, transfer student (withheld due to bad attendance)
Weapon: :new:Sword Cane- Given to him by his own uncle after that certain incident and 'kidnapping', so that he could at least have some sort of proper equipment to defend himself and avoid it from happening again. Custom-made and made with a ceramic blade, and fiber/flexi glass/acrylic for the sheath, making it lightweight.
Suit: Suit of Swords
Arcana: XIII Death
Arcana Rank: Rank 5
Height: 4 ft 11.5 in (149cm)
Weight: 83 lbs (38 kg)
Nationality: Japanese

○ Studying
○ Observing people
○ Cooking
○ Everything cute
○ Animals
○ Wearing an overly huge school jacket
○ Alfei Nanatsuyoru

○ Cold weather
○ Huge bodies of water (pools, lakes, and the like.)
○ Bullies (bad people in general)
○ Sweet stuffs
○ His father

Usually seen as withdrawn and quiet, Ryuuen is a man of a few words and will speak only if instructed to (ex. school recitations) or when provoked enough (ex. When angered). He is always straight forward and frank when asked for opinions and will never sugar coat his words. He's also serious at all times and takes little to no heed of his own emotions, making it seem like a robot (for lack of better term). He also tends to keep issues and problems all to himself.

But despite all these, Ryuuen is really kind and patient to people he cares about. He is also very scary when provoked and will not think twice about fighting if someone deem themselves as a threat to him and/or the people he cares about (but only if they're aggressive enough to actually resort to violent means) which makes him rather selfless. But in turn, he forgets about himself and his own well being and makes people worry.

He also has the tendency to make weird, yet serious jokes.

○ Is a really good listener
○ Very logical and will think things through carefully
○ And will (try his best to) assess most, if not all, available solutions and consequences of a situation
○ Is very loyal.
○ Is honest.
○ Agile and fast on his feet
○ Has good memory, and hearing (he's actually pretty smart despite his looks)
○ You can never know what he's thinking because of his lack of facial expression(s)

○ Rarely to never speaks
○ Though logical, he has tendencies to over analyze things
○ Is TOO loyal that he's willing to take fault (for a friend or someone he likes) on something he did not do
○ Is a pretty bad liar (good thing he doesn't talk much, lol)
○ Is sickly, doesn't have much stamina.
○ Has a bad sense of direction, even with a map. So, he often gets lost if in a new place or a place he seldom goes to.
○ Has trouble saying no to cute things (or he can't, at all)
○ Has trouble in depth perception (will not admit that though)

Ryuu was an only child, and was often punished severely for the slightest mistakes. His upbringing made him awkward, bitter, and detached. He rarely made any friends, and was often bullied and blame for the trouble. To his parents' annoyance, he had to tranfer a lot due to this. Although retaining some respect, his hate for his parents grew. About a year ago he witnessed a girl being bullied and fended the bullies off. The girl became his first real friend and he was grateful and happy for that. However, the bullies took revenge. Ryuuen fended them off again, but lost his left eye. The incident was blamed on him without further investigation and his application for the next school year was revoked. His parents decided to kick him out, but his uncle proposed to adopt him. He invited Ryuuen to move with him to Kirimori. Ryuuen agreed, and was set to transfer to Higashimori.
Read More (Expanded Version)→

○ He's ambidextrous.
○ He used to play the flute, but stopped after he got really sick a few years back. He didn't bother going back to the practice because he still has lung and breathing problems that he's been in medication(s) ever since. Usually carries a syringe pen with him that has steroids or salbutabol in it's shots as emergency medication.
○ Ryuuen also likes singing and reading. He's pretty good at language studies as well.
○ He's sometimes seen feeding, petting, or playing with stray animals.
○ He's a really good cook. He can cook pretty much anything you ask (or dare) him to (as long as it really exist and/or is edible).
○ He gets easily flustered when someone clings to him, specially if it's a girl, and will end up freezing in place. He gets flustered at cute things and animals too. He doesn't freeze up anymore
○ Ryuuen has thalassophobia or a fear of huge bodies of water, and will try his best to avoid them, or being in them. This is actually one of the times that he'll act really panicked. This is due to his father's tossing him into water when he was young, lots of times, so that he'd learn how to swim properly. Eventually, it didn't leave a good impression on him, in the long run. Ironically, He can swim pretty well (often to escape and get out of water). (This inflicts instant Fear when in a shadow battle that's near a huge body of water. Doesn't disappear via turns, but can be 'healed' by an item or skill)
○ Ryuuen is usually mistaken as a little kid, or a girl. And he was often bullied for this.
○ His voice sounds feminine by default /normal voice (he often speaks in a lower tone because of this)
○ He owns quite a number of stuffed animals and plushies.
:new:○ After Alfei died, Ryuu's lungs collapsed due stress and grief, and stopped breathing. He was technically dead for a few minutes. However, he was resucitated in the ambulance while on the way to the hospital. This caused him brain damage and was in a coma for a week or so while in intensive care. And because of all these, his left leg turned numb and now he limps while walking (since he can't feel it). Also, he had forgotten about everything. Although temporarily for a lot but permanently for some because of the brain cell death that occurred. One of the permanent things that he will never remember is the person and persona who killed Alfei.
:new:○ He still can walk straight if he wants, but because of his leg being numb, he tends to stumble a lot. He can't talk properly as well, as he seem to have forgotten a lot on his vocabulary. He's attending physical and speech therapy to remedy those, as his doctor said that it's not permanent and can be mended.
:new:○ His uncle gave him a sword cane to help him with walking, and have some proper equipment to protect himself as he was thinking that the incident was caused by brigands, as well as his sudden disappearance or "kidnapping" (Ch7) . Gou also doesn't know what happened to Alfei, and is worried. It doesn't help that Ryuu wouldn't talk about it--- making Gou think that the child had forgotten.
:new:○ Thinks that Eisheth, his (new) Persona, is Alfei. Occasionally slips up and calls her Alfei and refuses to believe otherwise... even though in truth, he knows that Alfei's dead and it's just his persona.

Morphos Points: [link]
Inventory : [link]

Social Links: All in a reset.

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App image, bigger pic: [link]
Eisheth Persona Template: [link]
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